Working Papers:

"Devolution in Non-Democratic Regimes: Local Efficiency and Resource Allocation in Russian Cities" [Available Upon Request]

"Indirect Rule and Public Goods Provision: Evidence from Colonial India" [Download]

"Self-Governance and Regional Voting Salience: Evidence from 1917 Elections in Russia" [Available Upon Request]

Work in Progress:

"Agents without Principles: The Accountability Dilemma of Russian Mayors" (Book Project)

"Mayors as Brokers of Regime: Evidence from Budget Transfers in Russia"

"Causes and Consequences of the Governors' Survival: Case of Russia" (with Randall Stone)

Non Peer-Review Publications:

''The Importance and Peculiarities of Archival Work in Political Science'', Comparative Politics Newsletter, 2019, XXIX(2): 5-11. [Article]